On the evening of July 25, international real estate developer Alpha King has launched its brand in the domestic market to make Vietnam a key market for long-term development of the company.

Notably, in the first launch, this 100% oversea capital said that there are three large real estate projects in the central area of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City and is expected to complete after 2 3 years of construction.

In particular, there are two projects that Alpha King is expected to launch in September, including the Grade A office building called Alpha Town on the Hung Dao Road and Alpha City & Alpha Mall complex on Cong Quynh Street.

Alpha King is a leader in creating innovative trends and architectures that enhance the quality of real estate projects in Vietnam and Asia-Pacific.

Alpha King’s projects are inspired by the history and culture of Vietnam and will apply advanced technologies and adhere to international standards.

Specifically, the Alpha Town office building is developed at 289 Tran Hung Dao, 35 storeys high with architecture inspired by Vietnamese dress. Once operational, the project will provide nearly 70,000 square meters of office space and 2,347 square meters of commercial center. The design of the building is appreciated to help open the office space, stimulating creativity and inspiration for the workplace.

While Alpha City is a high-end shopping mall and apartment complex comprising of a 49-storey twin tower with 40 floors, an 8-storey shopping mall and a rooftop bar will be developed at 87 Cong Quynh Street. This is also the first project in Ho Chi Minh City with 2 large multi-storey halls, glass-covered fronts with LED screens, and modern elevators.

Alpha Town and Alpha City are expected to create the best living and working areas in Ho Chi Minh City. These projects have won 4 first prizes, including the best office project, the most beautiful office building project, the best shopping center and the high-grade apartment project. The most beautiful architecture at the ceremony announced the Vietnam Property Awards 2018.

The CEO of Alpha King is Jimmy Chan, who has 35 years of real estate experience in the world.